Custom Solutions

An online business needs customized web solutions if it is expected to keep up with larger brands. We will help you create a new image from scratch, fine tune your new website and make sure that it keeps attracting your target audience.

Innovative Designs

Our innovative website design will put your website on the map. You name it, we will create it! Designs to Clicks is experienced in creating a variety of web designs for ecommerce as well as many other businesses.

Original Concepts

Unlike other companies, Designs to Clicks does not adopt a one size fits all strategy. We know that your web presence should be as unique as your business. We are experienced in designing and optimizing content as well as web design solutions that are truly unique.

Responsive Websites

Your customers will have you to thank once we make your website more responsive than anything that your competition can come up with. Make your website accessible across a variety of platforms such as tablets and smartphones.

Marketing Services

Design & Development

Even the owner of a small or medium sized business can level the playing field if he/she has a good website to keep customers coming back for more.

Designs to Clicks offers web design and development services that are reliable, creative and robust. Our expertise lies in creating user interfaces that will resonate with your users as well as your brands. This is because we are passionate about creating great designs. We offer everything that you need to have a great website including talented people that care about your business’s success! Design to Clicks provides everything that you need to ensure that your website works as it should such as website optimization, mobile web design, SEO services and anything else that will put your B2B or B2C services on top.

It doesn’t matter if you want to spruce up your existing website or create one from scratch. Our web designers are experienced in creating websites for a variety of businesses.

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Design & Development

SEO Services

Not getting enough leads? We always take a consultative approach to craft a highly functional website that is optimized according to your preferences.  We employ time tested methods of website deployment and target analysis. Our SEO experts work tirelessly and initiate only best practice SEO techniques to bring your target audience to your online doorsteps and increase the ranking of your website.

Online marketing allows powerful search engines such a Google and Yahoo to identify the relevancy of your services and products according to the searches currently being performed by your target customers. Designs to Clicks provides you with a wide range of Search Engine Optimization solutions that identify your key market competitors and researches your industry before determining the best keyword terminology that will boost your website’s ranking on both local as well as international searches. We adapt your keywords by combining them with affective copywriting to help you get the most of your marketing campaign.

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SEO Services


How do you ensure that your target audience lands on your product page rather than your competitor’s website? Our focus is to drive relevant traffic to your ecommerce website in a way that increases transactions and spreads the word about your business.

As an ecommerce store, your focus must be to ensure that it is YOUR websites that visitors find when they look for the products that they search for. Design to Clicks employs various online marketing techniques such as SEM, display banner media, SEO, social media, local listing optimization and other strategies to ensure just that.

We specialize in developing robust internet marketing strategies for every type of business imaginable. Managing a lot of online marketing strategies is a difficult prospect for some especially if there are a lot of vendors involved. Hand over your marketing efforts to us and see your ROI go through the roof. Our expertise lies in making it possible for retailers or online ecommerce owners to coordinate their entire internet marketing efforts under one roof.

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Designs to Clicks delivers the search engine marketing expertise that makes it possible for your business to compete with larger firms. Our online PPC and internet marketing services are tailored to fit the unique goals of each client who hires our services. Our SEM experts are leaders in search engine marketing since the days that Google created and changed its algorithm. Our SEM marketing efforts include target market demographics, geographical focus, your budget considerations and the ambition that you have for your company.

With our SEM and PPC support your services or products can be launched in seconds rather than months. Our PPC specialists will make sure that your advertisements appear under major search engines for relevant keywords that YOUR CLIENTS search for. Online marketing is an extremely competitive market. Internet marketing efforts such as pay-per-click ads will help you get more leads faster than you can say “Show me the Money.”

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Social Media Management

Social media is here to stay. Every major and small business enterprise has a web presence on networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Why should yours be any different? Don’t let yourself get left behind just because your business does not have a social media presence.

Not only will our social media marketing services ensure that you acquire a presence on popular social media channels, but it will also give you the chance to communicate with an almost infinite customer base instantly. That is more than marketers could have dreamt of ten years ago!

Whether you want to announce a service or brag about something one of your customers won, we will make sure that you get instant feedback from your user base.  We will create a social media strategy for your or improve on your existing one. Designs to Clicks will manage and maintain your social media presence while you focus on your business.

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Social Media Management


Regular reminders are all you need to ensure that previous visitors remember your business. Our online marketing efforts will help you reel that customer back in and ensure that your online shopping carts never get abandoned. Designs to Clicks is experienced in designing and implementing customized remarketing strategies that convert visitors into paying customers. Remarketing allows us to retarget visitors that have already clicked on your online ads and increase your ROI by sending them customized messages to make them come back to buy.

We use powerful tracking tools to convert visitors who have previously expressed interest in your products or services, into patrons. Designs to Clicks will help you be in front of your customers even if they do not visit your website again. Take your wares to your target audience wherever they might happen to be on the web. Some of our remarketing services include sending your visitors relevant banner ads that market your business and increase their intention to purchase from you.

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When we say we can create any web solution, we mean it.

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Our Process

Our process is simple but effective!

Meet & Plan

We will analyze your current business operations and adopt only the best online marketing strategies that will always keep you several steps ahead of the competition.


We have seen what multifaceted marketing approaches have done for other businesses and can do the same for you. As a professional online marketing firm we know that there is no one promotional strategy that leads to success.


Our team of professionals is what sets us apart from other online marketing companies. Our team of designers always keep themselves updated on the latest web design and online marketing trends.


Propriety tools and streamlined processes make our process very unique. We never compromise on delivering individual quality. Our developers stay updated on the latest technological tools in order to build your site for the future.


We always test the quality of every marketing campaign or web design we develop to ensure that it gives our clients the best value. Our experts improve your website’s ability to turn visitors into customers through advertisements and through testing and analytics that show where your visitors have been.


Content is king! We write unique content that your readers will like and the search engines will love. We optimize all your content and web pages to put you in the best position to succeed.


1..2…3 Take off! You will be up and running in a lot shorter time than you ever anticipated. Our process will blow your socks off when your site launches.


Our team will design the most suitable layout for your online business. It doesn’t matter if yours is a small, large or medium sized venture. We are experienced in developing robust websites for a variety of different businesses. View our portfolio to see several of the many businesses we work with.

Designs to Clicks took my old website and gave it a much needed facelift. I am now enthusiastic to share it with my customers.


I used to have 3 different companies do my online marketing and wasn't really satisfied with any of them. I have since switched to Designs to Clicks and they do it from A to Z. One stop online marketing company.


I needed and signed up for a simple site. I got that plus some. The guys at designs to clicks took a simple project and made it better than I had imagined. They always go above and beyond.


About Us

About Us

Designs to Clicks is a full service Search Engine Optimization and online marketing company that specializes in result driven services. We offer robust web marketing services that are designed to bring your business the best value. We use our expert knowledge and a vast range of internet marketing tools to make it possible for each of our clients to enjoy unprecedented levels of success. We can help your website become your business’s most powerful lead generator.

Our strategic use of multiple online marketing methodologies is designed to increase your ROI. Whether yours is a large, medium sized or small business, we will get the word out about it. Our content writing team has the expertise to write about any topic imaginable and optimize it for SEO. The collective experiences of our team members make our marketing reports some of the most valuable analysis any website can have. Designs to Clicks is passionate about helping every online business become the best in its respective niche and we can do the same for your business too.

Contact Us

If you would like to make your online marketing efforts shine, we would like to hear from you. Contact us with general questions, online marketing advice or if you know what you want, simply request a quote now!

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